Project Services

Diamond PM provides project management services across a wide range of industries as well as culturally diverse organizations. We coordinate project teams, stakeholders, advisors and activities both onsite and offsite with cloud-based applications integrating information, tools and methodology to keep project teams engaged and the project on track.

Our systemic approach is customized to the organization’s vision, scope, and budget bringing together the necessary resources to deliver on short or long-term objectives.


Our Project Services include: 

  • Business Analysis and Research
  • Financial Model & Budget Development
  • Project Consulting
  • Project Management

Diamond PM provides consulting services for clients planning a project or a business change.  Whether it’s a continuous improvement initiative, a physical relocation, a technology change, or multiple short-term projects we can assist in planning, mentoring and monitoring your project.  We plan and coordinate the activities of the project with the internal and external team members.

Benefits of an External Project Management Service:

  • Change Agent Approach
  • Clarity on Impacts of Change
  • Continuity to Organization’s Vision
  • Create Ownership of Project Tasks
  • Fosters a Collaborative Environment
  • Maintains Momentum in the Project Schedule
  • Manages and Drives Activities
  • Manages Deliverables and Administration
  • Neutral Position to Conflict or Issues
  • Outcome Planning
  • Stakeholders Focus on Key Issues
  • Transformational Leadership






Diamond PM leads the process with an established framework to clearly define activities, outline responsibilities and establish a solid communications plan.

As a single point of contact we manage communication cycles, set up and maintain project information and monitor the overall timeline of activities to ensure timely completion of the phase of work.  As an integral part of the team we provide specific project management expertise to leverage the efforts of key resources saving time and money.  We also provide data room hosting, project planning and portfolio management for our clients.

Benefits of a Single Point of Contact:

  • Leverage time for Key Contributors
  • Minimize Interruptions to Operations
  • Monitor Tasks and Activities
  • Simplifies Communication and Reporting