Project Services

Our Services 

Diamond PM’s core services are designed to meet corporate objectives through strategic planning with a focus on developing continuous improvement.   We work closely with leadership to develop plans and programs aligned to the organization’s vision and goals.    

Our transformational approach begins with a change agent mindset as we prepare the initial assessment of the organization, planned projects and resource capacity.    We design short-term or long-term plans for: 

  • Business Initiative Development 
  • Strategic Planning, Analysis and Research 
  • Continuous Improvement Programs 
  • Project and Program Monitoring 

Over the past twenty years we have worked with organizations in the following industry sectors:

  • Agriculture 
  • Alternative Energy 
  • Construction & Engineering 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Media Publications 
  • Mining, Exploration & Development
  • Natural Resources 
  • Real Estate and Land Development 
  • Technology Development & Commercialization