About Us

Diamond Project Management (Diamond PM) is a consulting firm offering strategic planning, project management and continuous improvement services.  We assist organizations to plan, design, and develop projects. 

Since 2005 we have delivered a wide range of projects across multiple industry sectors and culturally diverse organizations.  Our clients are based in Canada and the US and our services have included:   

  • Continuous Improvement Initiatives 
  • Economic Development Planning 
  • Enterprise Resource Planning 
  • Feasibility and Proposal Development
  • Joint Venture Management 
  • Project Assessment and Recovery 
  • Research and Analysis 
  • Solution Delivery  
  • Vendor Selection and Management 

We are motivated by exceptional results and are driven by the satisfaction of quality relationships, fostering innovative team environment and a strong commitment to continuous improvement in project management. 

Best of all, we thrive on working with people, and successfully managing change

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