Diamond has a long-standing track record of delivering successful projects.    With approximately fifty completed projects since inception, we are proud of our extensive list of projects and the variety of types, size and complexity.  

Recent projects include: 

  • Acquisition and Expansion Planning
  • Continuous Improvement Initiatives
  • Economic Development Planning
  • Enterprise Resource Management
  • Feasibility and Proposal Development
  • Project Assessment and Recovery
  • Joint Venture Planning
  • Research and Analysis
  • Solution Delivery & IT Implementations
  • Succession Plan Development
  • Vendor Selection and Management

Project Type: Project Assessment

Industry Sector: Renewable Energy
Location: Alberta, Canada 

Details:  Diagnostic Assessment of Joint Venture partners, governance model and corporate infrastructure capabilities


Project Type: Solution Delivery – Performance Management Platform 

Industry Sector: National Retail
Location: British Columbia, Canada 

Details:  RFP, Vendor selection and solution delivery of a sales performance management platform. 

Project Type: Governance – Project Management Office 

Industry Sector: Mining
Location: Ontario, Canada

Details: Implementation of an off-reserve PMO to support programs and projects activities associated with development of a large mineral reserve area.

 Project Type: Feasibility Planning & Funding Requirements

Industry Sector: Natural Resources
Location: Ontario, Canada

Details: Feasibility Planning and development plan for a First Nation’s sustainable forestry management plan and economic development planning for sawmill operations.

Project Type: Joint Venture Planning

Industry Sector: Joint Venture – Mining
Location: BC, Canada

Details: Feasibility planning and development plan for a Joint Venture partnership between a First Nation and private investors to conduct environmental remediation and iron ore reclamation.

Project Type: Asset Divesture

Industry Sector: Renewable Energy
Location: Texas, USA 

Details:  Infrastructure partner selection, strategic planning and analysis, due diligence management

Project Type: Solution Delivery – ERP 

Industry Sector: Manufacturing
Location: BC, Canada

Details: Enterprise Resource Planning and Management for multinational subsidiary with an international steering committee.


Project Type: Franchise Planning & Development

Industry Sector: Real Estate and Business Brokerage
Location: BC, Canada

Details: Integrative assessment and operations plan for 22 licensed offices across Canada including two-year program roll out plan and five year financial modeling.

Project Type: Solution Delivery –  Performance Management Platform

Industry Sector: Mining
Location: BC, Canada

Details: Implementation and adoption of custom performance management product designed to monitor key performance indicators across mining, mill and administrative operations.

Project Type: Project Consulting, Technology Configuration Assessment

Industry Sector: Mining
Location: BC, Canada

Details: Enterprise Resource Planning assessment for implemented technology.